Barbie Clemons
Professional Massage Therapy

Gentle Scar Therapy

Got a scar or know a friend or family member with a scar?

If you answered ‘YES’ then read on and spread this fantastic news…

I am super excited to share a new service that is available now - I am the only therapist in the New England Area to offer Gentle Scar Therapy.

This specialized service is gentle and truly transformative for people and their families who have planned and unplanned scars.

Scars are fascinating – at skin level they are visible evidence of how adaptable our bodies are however scars are just like icebergs what we see on the surface is a small impact compared to what can happen deep below the surface.

Overtime Scars can become problematic even after successful surgery and healing.

Problematic scars can disrupt their owners physically and emotionally.

Physically scars and the surrounding areas might feel numb to the touch, pain and discomfort can be experienced near or distant to the scarred area.

Sensation can be altered and feel like pulling, tightness or pins and needles can be experienced.

Emotionally people just don’t feel like themselves anymore.

In 2023 after extensive study, I qualified as a Scar Therapist.

I have been getting great results by using specific gentle massage-like techniques to increase the body’s own healing properties to soften scar tissue, increase mobility, decrease pain, and in some cases change the appearance of the scar, for a better quality of life.

No matter how old the scar is, or what type of scar it is, planned surgery, unplanned, accident, burns, self-harm scars, this treatment can help you and the people you care about more than you can imagine.

With these gentle techniques I can treat the source of many chronic pain issues like

•         Scars from abdominal surgery can be a common source of low back pain.

•         Shoulder or rotator cuff surgery can be the source or upper back pain.

•         Any foot or leg scarring could cause pain in the legs or hips and vice versa.

•         Digestive issues could be a result of adhesions formed by scars.


With gentle techniques and patience, you can gain a better quality of life and   Love The Skin You're In !!